A husband and wife team that have been married for almost 40 years. We were are beginning our tenth year of selling ice cream at fairs and festivals in Texas since retiring from our life-long careers and ‘recareering’ into the food vendor world. We purchased and took possession of a soft serve ice cream concession trailer in early April 2011 and went to our first event in Georgetown, TX that next weekend! We have had so much fun meeting new people and seeing new places. Our first event, the Houston Rodeo, was cut short due to COVID-19,

Unfortunately COVID-19 has reached global pandemic stage and has hugely impacted EVERYTHING. Most likely we will not have any events for 2020.

Our main goal at this point is to stay safe. Stay healthy. Stay safe for you.

We can only hope that our lives can return to a new normal and it will be a while before anyone knows what that will even look like.

Take care everyone!