We are a husband and wife team that have been married for 41 years. We were beginning our tenth year in 2020 selling ice cream at fairs and festivals in Texas when Covid-19 halted all festivals. Since retiring from our life-long careers and ‘re-careering’ into the food vendor world we have had so much fun meeting and seeing new places in Texas. We purchased and took possession of a soft serve ice cream concession trailer in early April 2011 and went to our first event in Georgetown, TX that next weekend! Our first event for 2020, the Houston Rodeo, was cut short due to COVID-19, And the rest they say IS history. This global pandemic has halted so many things that we loved and took for granted. We pray that small businesses and families can survive this financial hardship. God Bless you all!

Unfortunately COVID-19 has reached global pandemic stage and has hugely impacted EVERYTHING. No events for us for the remainder of 2020.

But thankfully 2021 has returned to some normalcy. We’ve had a few events and people seem eager to be OUT OF THE HOUSE and participate in outdoor activities!

Our main goal at this point is to stay safe. Stay healthy. Stay safe for you.

Take care everyone!